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Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Look

I have been One Of Those.

One of those bloggers. You know the ones. They set up their blogs. They plan and ruminate and upload and pour themselves into the blogosphere with all their hearts. They share their souls and they know, they just KNOW, that someone will hear the pulsing fervor of their individuality and find their submissions irresistible. They know they will produce. . . A Following.

And then it doesn't happen. And life is so busy. And there are demands and the "tyranny of the urgent" takes over. The subscribers never mount beyond the number Two. I can make that many phone calls in a day to tell you what's on my mind. So, I fade away.

I still think. I just don't take the time to write it down. And the blog grows old and tired and dusty, and all those thoughts--narcissistic at the premise though they might have been, forgive me, it's divine and I am all too human--evaporate from my mind into oblivious ether. Perhaps somewhere in the generations to follow, someone might have taken interest there. But chances are slim.

Still, somewhere within me is a true need to write and express and share the life I'm living, the thoughts and rabbit trails I'm entangled in. I work it out when I work it out loud.

So today I decided maybe a refresher on the look of the blog would help get me back into the draw of it and maybe I'll begin to write again. If only for myself, and for my girls as they get older. Maybe for that one or two of you who stuck around all this time. If it means something to you, though, leave me a comment. I'm an extrovert and a hopelessly needy one. I thrive on feedback and interaction.

I expect to change the name of the blog in the near future too. It began as a means of sharing the lives of our daughters mainly with my mom, who lived in another state. But since her passing (which has also contributed in large part to my neglect of this site--I just didn't have the heart to write then, knowing she was no longer reading), it seems likely to evolve into something much more about me AND my family, my thoughts, my worldview, my relationship to my Savior, and the way he causes me to respond to the world.

Maybe someone will join me here.