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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Few More Moments from the NC Mtn. State Fair 2009

Jane and her friend Mary, high overhead, in the cable cars. Big enough at last to go on a ride by themselves!

Jane on "Midnight." This is the 2nd year in a row she has been able to ride this particular pony.

Ugh...really? I will truly never understand the Southern tendency to batter and fry. Never.

Miriam and her friend Mark on the motorcycles.

Miriam found out exactly where her milk comes from--and did a great job extracting some!

Aunt Dee, Bill's sister, waiting her turn at the tractor pull. Who doesn't love a woman with power?
And her own Major Award--a trophy! Too bad I didn't realize how great the backlight was, or you might be able to see the pleasure in her smile.

Emma and her friend Elizabeth, sky-high over the fairgrounds. See you on the other side!


It's official.

I'm a little bit country.

And I have a First-Place Blue Ribbon from the NC Mountain State Fair to prove it!

Even if we Clemson fans might still be feeling a bit of a "sting" on this day, this one still has reason to be a proud wearer of orange.

Our first stop at the fair this morning had to be, of course, the competitive exhibits hall, where I left the crowning glory of our little garden patch at the beginning of the week. At dropoff, I felt pretty confident the pumpkin was a winner. It dwarfed the large watermelon next to it.

But on Thursday night, the local news showed a few shots from inside the exhibit hall. Clearly, there were a number of nice pumpkins on display, and one or two that were quite a bit larger than mine.

So, I didn't have my hopes set too high when we walked in this morning. The result, then, was overwhelming exultation when I saw that beautiful orange orb so complementarily decorated with the brilliant blue First Place ribbon. I admit, I got teary eyed.

One of the administrators offered to take our family picture. She was so pleased for us. She said in all her years of working with the fair, she had never seen anyone so excited over their winning vegetable. So then I felt a little sheepish. But why should I? It was glorious, so just for today, I'm going to soak that in.

Meet Pilot

We've been dog-less for four years now--four years since our dear but incorrigible Captain Von Trapp, the ever-barking, very much OVERGROWN, "miniature" Schnauzer mighty dog went to a happier home in the country. We have seen pictures. He is fat and happy. (And fat. Did I say that?)

Yesterday Bill and Jane's dream came true when they brought home this 4-month-old Boykin spaniel puppy. His name is Pilot. We are getting to know each other. So far, he seems sweet and more calm than most pups his age. Jane is thrilled. Jill is uncertain and thinks he's fine when he's in his "crib," but not too happy when he's in her face. Jane, on the other hand, doesn't mind that at all. Here they are nose-kissing.

There's sure to be a lot of adjusting for all of us around here in the next few weeks. Any thoughts on putting diapers on dogs?

Friday, September 11, 2009

History in a Broader Sense


We finished up our history course in the spring with the rise and fall of Rome. Then today, a friend sent this link to a unique concert being performed at the Coliseum. It was a moment of reflection for all of us, as we thought of the bloody history of that place, and this moment of redemption.