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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Love's the Best Healer To Be Found

Funny isn't the right word. But bear with me. You know what I mean.

"Funny," isn't it, how sometimes you find yourself walking a road that feels so lonely and unique, and then, you begin to learn, little by little, that others are walking similar paths.

I was reflecting lately on who I used to be. I had been blessed in a way I didn't know, quite some time ago. At first, it was acknowledged. I saw the blessing as big and wonderful and I appreciated it. But as self-absorbed as I was, and as my own life developed and expanded, I began to feel entitled. I took for granted as due me something I never deserved. I treated it callously, carelessly. I treated PEOPLE who loved me carelessly, callously. I justified myself.

That was long, long ago. But in some ways history does repeat itself. Sometimes with role reversals. I played that part long ago. Today, I play a different part. And others are crossing paths with me, seeing the same thing.

To those people, and I think they probably know who they are if they read this, I just want to say that grace allows for the one who is playing the part I played long ago and causing you pain now to have the space to fly away. You loved, and whether that other one sees it now or not, you did love. You gave of yourself. Your loving spirit was what was needed at the time, even if it isn't recognized right now. Your angel flying too close to the ground is only in part healed now and free to fly away because the love you gave was healing, if not seen and appreciated.

All will be well. All will be right. Whatever is, is right. Trust and obey. Capture the thoughts that pain you and submit them to the truth you know. Love does not insist upon its own way. And your definition, worth, value is not based on the response others give you--others you've invested in. It was right for you to invest. It was loving. But you must free yourself of the cycle of pain that comes from having your investment diminished. The time will come when it will be fully seen. You will be fully seen.

Keep loving. But do so with real redemptive purpose and not with martyrdom. It's a fine line. Let's keep talking. We're in this together. We'll encourage one another along the way, for the greater good and unity of the entirety of us, and the glory of the One who ultimately shows how grace and redemptive change can and do occur at the same time.

This song fit well with the thoughts of today, so I am sharing it here. For the ones I'm talking to, you know how this works. Love IS the greatest healer to be found. You and I, we experienced it from our earthly friends, and we gave it forward to others. But ultimately, you know where the healing Love is to be found. It is there for you, too. You are not alone. You are not giving up. You are not throwing anything of the past away. You are making room for something bigger.

If you had not have fallen  
Then I would not have found you  
Angel flying too close to the ground

And I patched up your broken wing 
And hung around a while  
Tryin' to keep your spirits up  
And your fever down
I knew someday that you would fly away  

For love's the greatest healer to be found  
So leave me if you need to,
 I will still remember  
Angel flying too close to the ground
Fly on, fly on past the speed of sound  

I'd rather see you up than see you down  
So leave me if you need to, 
I will still remember  
My angel flying too close to the ground
Leave me if you need to, 

I will still remember  
My angel flying too close to the ground