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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reformation Faire 2008

Here are some images from the CRPC 2008 Reformation Faire. Each year, we celebrate Reformation Day with a church-wide dinner, a play based on some aspect of the Reformation, and games and activities for the kids.

This year, we took a Scottish focus, celebrating our Scottish Presbyterian roots and the work of John Knox. Everyone was invited to dress up as either Bible or Reformation characters, or in traditional Scottish garb. We enjoyed a delicious meal of herb-seasoned shepherd's pie and shortbread. Very family friendly, very filling, totally yummy!

This might have been our biggest turnout ever. We had about 175 people sign up for dinner, and more turned up for the play and other festivities. Here are some more details:

Lovely Queen Esther in her carriage on her way to the Faire.
(I can see why Artaxerxes was so smitten!)

And here's Ruth, blushing and bashful.

I was so pleased that some of our adult congregants were willing to participate in the fun!

The play: John Knox addresses Mary, Queen of Scots.

Our wonderful Troubadours!

Miriam as Miriam at the Fishing Booth.

Children learned the Scottish words "brae," "moor," and "loch" as they looked for their missing sheep in the Scottish countryside.

"Ruth" plays a medieval game called 9 Pins.

The evening was lots of fun, and also included balloon animals, a Scottish Reformation archery game, a Good Form Golf at the St. Andrews' Golf Course game, a cookie walk, Scottish lawn bowling, and even an indoor version of Highland caber tossing--and lots and lots of plaids and tartans.

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