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Friday, December 12, 2008

Emma Bakes the Cake

So I just celebrated another birthday--a big one this time. Wow.

And just to prove how quickly time is passing on by, my itsy, bitsy, baby girl has gotten big enough to bake and decorate a birthday cake for her mom. Double Wow.

She took the task very seriously. She thoroughly greased and floured her pans.

She measured carefully.

Poured evenly.

Tested regularly, and only got the tiniest little burn on her arm removing the pans.

Icing is the fun part.

Especially when it turns out like this. Not bad for a 9-year-old decorator's first shot!

I'm happy with it. But I'm happier even still with her. Isn't she great?

The five Cochrane girls. And in character, Miriam's always taking the cake.
Birthday postscript:
All in all, it was a great birthday, despite the BIG numbers on that cake.
We enjoyed worship in the morning, a steak dinner (thanks to Mayron!) for lunch, with excellent cake afterward. Following a couple of hours of family time, Bill and I went to see the new Baz Lurhmann movie Australia with Colin and Cathy. I'm a big Baz fan. I think his William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet is cinematic perfection.
I have to insert a praise here also to Colin and Cathy. "I love you, Man!" (Mans? Men? Folks?) Cathy is 9 months pregnant. Colin was so sick he'd really rather'ed stay home. But they were not only willing but seemed excited to go out to a 3-hour epic movie with us to celebrate my birthday! How great is that? Add to it that they stayed into the evening to hang around, letting me fill up on "quality conversation" (my love language, I recently found out--see Gary Chapman's book if you don't know what I'm talking about), drink a little coffee, eat some more cake, and watch a little football. OK, so I can do without the football, but it meant a lot to Colin, and considering that he can quote from the Highlander movie and Monty Python ad nauseum, and remember, he came out for my birthday while he was sick, I can forgive him just about anything!


MaryB Jarvis said...

The birthday cake is beautiful--and not such a big number on it. Congratulations to the chef. I love the way you documented the baking of the cake with photos. The picture of you five girls is so good. Thanks for posting about this event.

Cathy O said...

and he didn't get you sick--let's put this praise of Colin into perspective!