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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baking Day July 2009

We started the day with our second trip to the splendiforous Gypsy Mountain Blueberry Farm. This blueberry patch definitely qualifies as one of my "happy places." I look forward to going there each year, and I'm never disappointed. This was our second trip this summer, and I thought the picking was good the first time. We approached today at our leisure, enjoying the company of good friends Cathy and Nell, and the cool of the morning. I didn't push the girls or myself to pick like mad this time, but we still got a good quantity of beautiful berries easily.

I found myself amazed and honored at the quantity of fruit right there at our fingertips. The bushes were bending down with the weight of their bounty. Could picking in the Garden of Eden have really been easier or more satisfying? I'm humbled and grateful to be among the recipients of so much lavish excess. Not only is the fruit sustaining, but it's good for us. It's delicious. It's beautiful. It's abundant beyond belief. Need, beauty, pleasure, all in one package. And in this case, it's practically free for the taking. A gift. One of so many. Who deserves it?

Berry picking is one of those things I could repeat over and over again. And while I don't particularly care to weed my garden spot, I do love to harvest. It's so very satisfying to see something useful come from the earth. So summer helps fill that unfulfilled urge of mine to become a migrant worker.

The berries and now the zucchini coming on madly led us to have a baking day today. Emma and Jane were pleased to help.

We dedicated the afternoon to cooking and decided to make Jane Graham's zucchini bread--just altered a little to incorporate some whole wheat flour into the recipe. Two large zucchini gave us enough base to make 3 loaves.

But that wasn't enough. We definitely put the double oven to good use today. In addition to the zucchini bread, Emma whipped up a double batch of blueberry scones. We'll freeze about half to have for breakfasts or for her to take to school in her lunchbox starting in just a few weeks.

And we had a small pack of rapsberries too--a gift from a friend--which Jane and I added to some of our blueberries to make a Razzleberry Pie.

The inevitable mess that followed such a day of projects was a bit daunting.

It covered just about every horizontal surface in the kitchen and dining room.

But in the end, we think it was worth it. Once order was restored, this is what we were left with.

So, which one would you choose?

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