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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Almost Free Meat from Schwan's!

If you have never been a customer of Schwan's, you can register at their website now and get up to $10 worth of free food with free shipping. It's open to the first 500,000 new customers between now and the end of September.

I just registered and ordered 8 quarter pound all-beef burgers. The regular prices is $9.99. (This out to be really good meat, in my opinion, at that regular retail price.) It is scheduled for delivery to our door on Saturday. I had to pay only 2 cents for sales tax. Two pounds of beef for 2 cents is not too bad!

Here's the link:



UPDATE to this entry: I did receive my free 2 pounds of beef burgers from Schwan's, but it wasn't a perfect transaction. After placing my order, I received an email with a date for delivery. It said I (or someone) had to be there to receive it all day, as it was impossible to narrow the delivery window. So, I stayed home, missed a swimming opp with Bill and the girls, but the delivery never came. I called, and found it had been rescheduled to a date when we would be out of town. I finally got the date changed again, and it did arrive early in the morning when we were already going to be home. A catalog also came with it. Honestly, the prices are quite high. The only way I see myself ever ordering again is if there's a major closeout or promotion. But I'm still glad for what will amount to 2 free entrees for our family.


Megan said...

Thanks for the tip! I got the same thing you did for $0.08.

Appreciate it!

--Rebecca said...

Can't beat that, can you?
Thanks for stopping by, Megan. Can I ask how you found us? I followed your name link and see that you're also homeschooling, right?

Megan said...

Rebecca - I found you from GWP. I write for them too. *grin*

Our meat came with no problems, but then, Craig was planning to be home the day they wanted to come. And, like you, decided we would never place an order from them otherwise, so the catalog was discarded immediately!

--Rebecca said...

Oh, THAT Megan! Hi!
Thanks again, then, for stopping by.
Working remote does have that disadvantage. Had you written a long comment, I might have recognized your writing style. :)