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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meet Pilot

We've been dog-less for four years now--four years since our dear but incorrigible Captain Von Trapp, the ever-barking, very much OVERGROWN, "miniature" Schnauzer mighty dog went to a happier home in the country. We have seen pictures. He is fat and happy. (And fat. Did I say that?)

Yesterday Bill and Jane's dream came true when they brought home this 4-month-old Boykin spaniel puppy. His name is Pilot. We are getting to know each other. So far, he seems sweet and more calm than most pups his age. Jane is thrilled. Jill is uncertain and thinks he's fine when he's in his "crib," but not too happy when he's in her face. Jane, on the other hand, doesn't mind that at all. Here they are nose-kissing.

There's sure to be a lot of adjusting for all of us around here in the next few weeks. Any thoughts on putting diapers on dogs?

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