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Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Fun

Some images from our fall 2009 so far: a visit from cousin Leslie, lots of apples, time with friends, a new puppy, and fall school days.

Cool weather brings out the inner Teletubby in all of us. We love footy 'jamas!

Growing up: baby Jill is big enough for pigtails.

First cousins: the girls with Hunter in SC.

Found in our backyard: a luna moth caterpillar ready to pupate. (Normally green, they turn reddish brown just before entering the cocoon.)

Just in off the trail: Meet Slim, Curly, and Dusty.

Meet Pilot, our Boykin Spaniel puppy.

Pleasant Sunday afternoon with the O'Briens: Colin and most of the girls.

Colin and his boy, Jack. Cathy and Nell are around here someplace.

Cousin Leslie made it to the Smokies. A pic from our drive up the parkway on our way to Mt. Mitchell for a great view and a Porsche convention. (I've still never been to Spain.)

One idea for occupying busy toddler and preschooler while Jane and I do math: Puzzle Day!

Emma on picture day at school.

Navigating a soybean maze.

Jane identifies the perfect apple--a lovely red Johnagold, way out of reach at the top of the tree.

She reaches, stretches, climbs, until her fingertips can just barely brush against it...

...and finally takes home the prize! Never, ever, ever give up!

Munchin' Miriam.

A real beauty!

Miriam made itty-bitty apple pies.

Wrapping apples.

We have to wait five whole minutes?!

Enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Night-night all!

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