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Monday, June 28, 2010

Walton the Pig Joins Fern's Menagerie

On Friday, Miriam will turn 5 years old. She has, for years now, had a special love of all things porcine. Her middle name, after all, is Fern, and she has felt a special affinity for all the insufficiently loved Wilburs of the world.

So when Jane found a pattern for a cute pig pillow, she instantly wanted to make it for her little sister. It looked simple enough.

Bill took Jane shopping for fabric. Miriam's room is pale green, and we are planning to add purple trim this summer. So the resulting plaids and polka dots seemed perfectly fitting.

The only trouble is that my ancient sewing machine quit working with several broken parts more than a year ago. I let my little budding engineers disassemble it as a science project one day. So, we were dependent on the kindness of friends for this project.

Fortunately, there's no shortage of that in our lives!

Jane took all the cut pieces, instructions, pins and pins and pins, thread, elastic, and stuffing to the home of her friend Elizabeth Walton, who is quite a crafty person and has her own sewing machine. I envisioned the two girls working together to sew the puffy pillow pig, even if it turned out a little amateurish. That would just make it all the more endearing, right?

But, I did not predict that upon arrival, Jane's interest in sewing would be surprisingly diminished. The interactions, toys, and activities at her friends' home were suddenly much more distracting.

I later learned that dear Lerenda spent most of the day herself sewing Wilbur's companion, which we are now dedicated to calling "Walton."

Tonight I finished the last details: sewing on the ears and eyes, and closing him up once and for all. I expect one little Fern will be delighted come Friday.

So there he is, in all his fine array: Meet Walt, the pig.

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