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Monday, August 27, 2012

Frustration and Focus

There are things I want to blog about; there are things I want to say. There are things I want to sit and ponder and discuss and bounce around and see what you think of them as well.

Modern theology and the German theologians, for instance. Whether the world really had a finite moment of creation, or like Schleiermacher says, it is "everlasting" within the structure of time and what in the world he actually means by that anyway. I want to talk about really great things I see happening in a handful of people in my church body, and the way that the spark that was fanned into flame in one place has started just the smallest perceptible ember somewhere else. I want to talk about the way my heart nearly burst today with love and excitement for a little one who is really looking forward to her life. I want to talk about the passing of time in the process of healing, and how very foolish we humans are to always try to rush it along. How many times does our LOVING Lord say to us something like "And it came to pass that the days were accomplished..." He is not structured by time but we most certainly are, and therefore waiting for him to act in proper timing, to accomplish days, must be a very good thing. I see the days being accomplished. I want to share with the few of you who read here how he is working, even when just months ago, I said out loud, "I have NO IDEA how he will get me from here to there, but I believe he has the power to do it."

I don't know who you are that check this blog regularly, but I do see that every single day, someone or several someones do stop by. Thank you for that. It is you, I suppose, whom I am talking to. I hope we are friends. I'd like to know the Contents of Your Head too. Thank you for checking in on me. Thank you for reading.

I want to talk to you. I can't right now, even with a brain swirling with thoughts and ideas. My duty to write for others than myself has my priority and will for at least the next two weeks. I hope you won't forget me between now and then. I hope I won't forget what I'm seeing happen in my life and my world and my learning between now and then.

See you in a couple of weeks, then? When it comes to pass that these days of work overload have been accomplished and a new magazine is born to edify children and point them more along their path of thinking and discernment and celebration of life under the always-working hand of our mutual Sovereign Lord.

Blessings, adelphoi.

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Tammi T. said...

I will wait to share ideas. Look forward to hearing from you in a couple of weeks.