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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Few Seminary Snapshots

My schedule has been so packed that I have had hardly any time to notice the surroundings. I meant to take pictures, but there's been time only to race from one class or meeting to another. However, we did get to catch our breath inside the chapel--Rayburn Chapel--and hear this fellow, Paul, (who was also in the Apologetics class I sat in on) play his clarinet wonderfully. It's a very nice chapel and I look forward to worshiping there with the students tomorrow morning.

This flyer caught my eye because of the title of the topic: living life in the gray. It sounds like both the poetry of and the description of life here, in the in-between being saved and being in glory, that a good friend describes. It made me think of him and his perspective and I wondered what the subject matter would be like. But alas, we'll be gone by then, and the gathering is just for the men. (Though there must be something for the women too, because it does offer free childcare, and so far, I've met no men here with children and without wives.) Still intrigued. I wonder if I could go if I promised I'd need no BBQ.

I nearly squealed at this sign. There is a museum of biblical archaeology here! In the few minutes we had before having to go get ready for dinner, I hoped to poke around in here a bit, but . . .

. . . sadness. :( What a crummy selection of dates for the museum to be closed. Precisely when we are here visiting.

Ah well. Looks like I'll have to come back again. And after my meeting today with the Director of Enrollment Services, it looks entirely likely that I will be able to do that. Not full-time, but maybe once or twice per year, a week at a time or a weekend, or a week plus a weekend. They seem very open to working with off-site students for getting the best possible impact as can be managed through some low-residency, high-intensity classes scattered throughout the regular schedule.

The whole atmosphere here at CTS has been positive. I am greatly encouraged about the opportunity. My image of the place and its purpose and offerings does not seem to be off the mark.

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