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Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's in Your Shack?

I have to admit, I tried to read The Shack by William Paul Young.
I didn't finish it. I got lost somewhere along the way. The horror of the opening. The unusual, atypical depiction of the Trinity. I set it aside, and I didn't go back.

But hearing the author's own story and being able to understand a little bit about the Shack inside him has my interest again. This first part of his story is about 22 minutes long. That's an investment to watch, but it is so very worthwhile.

If you're hiding secrets, shame, guilt, fear inside The Shack that is your true person, take the 22 minutes to listen to this. There's a part 2 as well. This is a man who is now free. Free to be who he really is. It took eleven years from brokenness to wholeness. There's always hope.

"Trust is the fruit of knowing you are loved. Love and fear are opposites."--William Paul Young

**Revision. After watching part 2, I have to link to it here as well. It's even better. Such transparency and such hope.

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