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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Two Blogless Months, and an Informal Poll

It has been exactly two months now since my last blog entry, and it's not that *stuff* isn't churning in my head, it's that so much of it seems so personal to me and the path God has me on right now that I'm not at all sure anyone else would want to read it, so I haven't written it out. Acknowledging that, though, caused me to remember that while I do hope some of the things I wrestle with, learn, worship through, etc., are beneficial to build up and encourage others, the real reason I have always written is because I feel compelled to, as an act of worship. I have always written first to make a concrete record of worship, second to work out my own salvation (or sanctification) by making myself grasp what might otherwise be fleeting thoughts and hold on to them long enough to complete a thought, pursue a leading, ferret out a mystery that is being revealed. In that regard, writing has been a sort of mental and spiritual (and often emotional) discipline for me.

But lately, I've turned far more inward, and I'm not sure that's a good thing. For me, for worship. I have no idea whether any of you who read do so on a regular enough basis to miss the entries when this blog lies dormant for so long. I'd love to hear feedback on that if you have something relevant or encouraging to offer. If not, then silence will communicate just fine, thank you. I know what silence means.

So, then, for this informal poll. If you read, and you're reading this because you have interest, I would like to ask whether one of these topics in particular is interesting to you. All have been on my mind, some have come out in partial pieces in my prayer journal or in emails to friends, co-workers, fellow church goers. I think I ought to spend some time putting discipline back into place to finish what I started on one or more of those topics and try another entry sometime in the next week or two. As an extrovert and highly relational person, I think I could be spurred on to get my rear in gear and do it if you provide the proverbial kick. So cast a vote, if you feel at all inclined:

The all-mighty, all-powerful, all-just Jesus is the one who kneels rather than stands over both those he forgives and those he condemns. (From John 8)

Martyrdom, living sacrifices, and our rightful place in relationship to God's altar. (Romans, Revelation, and common thought in the church today; this one's been brewing for years, but came up in today's sermon, so it seems like maybe it's ripe.)

Discerning between "prescriptive" and "descriptive" passages, and why we get them so confused--AND why doing so messes up our view of the right roles of Savior and believers.

The key thing to remember when we want to ask, "God, don't you care about my life?" (From Mark 4-5)

That's probably enough for now. Those keep resurfacing, so what say ye? Any thoughts or direction for me as to which one I might start with?


M.K. said...

I read your blog from facebook, not from my feedly program, so I don't necessarily notice when you haven't done a post in a while. I have so many (too many) blogs that I read, so when one blogger takes a break, I usually don't notice. Plus, I keep up with you on FB otherwise. If you didn't post there, I would notice :)

As for those topics: 1) I've never noticed the kneeling thing, so I would enjoy a post on that. Sounds interesting. 2) the altar, something I have been ruminating on for years. Martyrs under the altar for many years, crying How Long!? Also, Ps. 84, where the altar is such a safe place for animals that mother birds build their nests there -- interesting, eh? If I were an animal, that's the last place I'd want to put my babies! 3) I do think a discussion of this topic could be clarifying for many people. We confuse passages in this way, and mess up our own lives from it. All of them sound good. Remember: keep writing. If you don't use it, you lose it.

Carolynn Markey said...

I read because you write well, and because your words mentor me.

I never notice when you don't post. But I do notice when you do. Hugs. :)