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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Suburbia in Bizarro World

This post otherwise known as "My neighbor's friends are a bunch of turkeys."

It's a normal Sunday afternoon. Someone's at the door. Emma runs breathlessly to tell me there's a bunch of turkeys out there. I thought maybe the mischievous teenage boys from two doors down were setting off firecrackers under our car again.

She insists it's stranger than that.


Our next door neighbor had a big hen and several young "goblettes" in his yard.

As we sat in the grass and watched, two more of the noisy ruffians sneaked past us in our own front yard! There are 9 altogether, and they are going up to actual doorsteps and peering in windows. If it wasn't a hen, I guess we'd have to report a Peeping Tom.

This neighborhood is just going to the birds.


Employee No. 3699 said...

Hi there. Found you through Pioneer Woman. I see you live in Asheville. I was there about 10 years ago to see the Biltmore Estate.

I also live in Suburbia. Where they cut down all the trees and name streets after them.


--Rebecca said...

Thanks for visiting!

I love that definition of Suburbia. It is so true! Had me laughing out loud.

My husband did some site reclamation in a new development that was called "Cherry Blossom Cove." There was nary a cherry tree in the place after they finished clearcutting. He said the plan was to build on almost every square inch and then to plant a cherry tree back in the tiny little common area they chose to leave behind. Literally, there's not a tree in the entire development right now.

--Rebecca said...

I suppose I should add that he (my husband) was not the one that did the clearcutting. He was the one that was hired to stop the erosion problems AFTER that occurrence.

leslie said...

Ah wild turkeys... they are all over the farm where I have my horse. It is kinda sad to walk out there and see Sam all alone with about 13 turkeys for friends...

Jane said...

mom that was cool seeing the birds