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Thursday, October 2, 2008

God Is So Good!

When you ask godly people to pray, you get action! I'm amazed at how good God has been to our little Jane in the last two months.

Three times this summer and once last fall, Jane suffered debilitating headaches with vomiting. We took her to a neurologist who was concerned because the headaches didn't fit a typical pattern for childhood migraines. He was also mildly interested in her stature, which is far below that of her peers. She had grown only one inch in the last year.

An MRI showed, however, that there was nothing out of the order structurally in her head. An EEG showed normal brain activity.

Since we asked people to pray for Jane, she has not experienced a single headache. And today, I measured her. This is just unbelievable, but she has grown a full inch (maybe an inch plus a sixteenth!) in the last 6 weeks!

What makes this so fantastic is that we were told NOT to expect her to enter a growth spurt! She had a wrist x-ray last year this time to determine her bone age and we were told she was exactly on target for her age. That meant, or so the pediatrician said, that she wasn't likely to have a late onset growth spurt to help bring her up to a more consistent height with other kids her age.

And yet, here we have what can only be considered a real growth spurt, since she's grown as much in the last 6 weeks as she had in the entire year before that!

Ask and it shall be given. I'm convinced we just don't ask earnestly and often enough. We know it is God's will to do good for Jane. We asked, and he answered. Pretty cool stuff, huh?


Cathy O said...

dang blurry monitor...
we join you in praise and joyfulness for God's goodness to your whole family!

leslie said...

Rebecca, that is GREAT news! Thank you so much for sharing it! I know that you are sleeping better at night knowing that Jane isn't hurting and maybe you are even starting to relax knowing that the headaches are at MINIMUM slowing down!

Emma said...

I would like to say that I am so thankful that jane did grow that fast in just six weeks even tho that she almost as tall as me now.
We know that God is good.